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Afghan Power N160 Battery

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Afghan Power 160Ah Battery: Superior Energy Storage for Comprehensive Power Solutions


The Afghan Power 160Ah battery exemplifies cutting-edge energy storage technology and robust engineering. This high-capacity battery is designed to meet the most demanding power requirements, offering outstanding performance, reliability, and efficiency. With its substantial capacity and dependable output, the Afghan Power 160Ah battery is an essential power source for a wide array of applications, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted power delivery in every scenario.

  • Capacity:  160AH
  • Voltage:  12V
  • Dimensions:  20.5 x 21 x 50.5 cm
  • Approximate Weight:  26/28 kg
  • Plates:  25 plates per cell
  • Color:  White and Red
  • Cold Cranking Amps ;1280

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Afghan Power 160Ah Battery: Superior Energy Storage for Comprehensive Power Solutions

Detailed specifications and features

  1. Capacity and Power Output

    • Capacity : The Afghan Power 160Ah battery boasts an impressive capacity of 160 ampere-hours (Ah), providing a continuous and reliable power supply. This high capacity is ideal for applications that demand sustained energy output and reliability, making it suitable for both residential and commercial uses.
  2. Physical Dimensions and Weight

    • Dimensions : The battery adheres to standard dimensions, measuring 51 cm in length, 22 cm in width, and 22 cm in height. Its compact dimensions allow for versatile installation in various settings, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to different spatial requirements.
    • Weight : The battery has an approximate weight 26/28 kg , making it manageable for handling and installation without compromising on its high performance and reliability.
  3. Voltage and Charging Parameters

    • Voltage Specifications : The battery operates at a nominal voltage of 12V, ensuring optimal energy storage and discharge. These voltage levels maintain the battery’s performance over time and ensure efficient power management.
  4. Enhanced Plate Configuration

    • Plate Count : Featuring 25 plates per cell, the Afghan Power 160Ah battery is designed for enhanced efficiency and longevity. The increased plate count facilitates better energy storage and consistent power delivery, even under high-demand conditions. It also boasts a cold cranking amperage (CCA) of 1280, ensuring reliable performance in colder temperatures.
  5. Durability and Environmental Resilience

    • Construction Quality : Built to Japan Standard specifications with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, the Afghan Power 160Ah battery is engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It performs reliably in both hot and cold climates, ensuring consistent power output regardless of external temperatures.
    • Recyclability : The battery is designed with environmental responsibility in mind, featuring recyclable materials that contribute to sustainability efforts.
  6. Economic and Practical Value

    • Affordability : While pricing details are not included, the Afghan Power 160Ah battery offers excellent value for its high performance and durability. Its affordability, coupled with its superior features, makes it an economic choice for a wide range of energy storage needs.

Ideal applications

The Afghan Power 160Ah battery is versatile and well-suited for a broad range of applications, including:

  • Backup Power Systems : Provides reliable backup power for homes and small businesses during outages, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.
  • Renewable Energy Integration : Perfect for use in solar and wind energy systems, effectively storing energy generated during peak production times for later use.
  • Automotive and Marine Use : Offers dependable starting power and auxiliary power for vehicles and boats, supporting onboard electronics and systems.
  • Portable Power Solutions : Ideal for portable power units, delivering reliable energy for outdoor activities, camping, and emergency situations.


The Afghan Power 160Ah battery is a premier energy storage solution that combines advanced technology with practical design. Its high capacity, durable construction, and adaptability to various environmental conditions make it a top choice for those seeking reliable and efficient power storage. Whether used in residential, commercial, or industrial applications, the Afghan Power 160Ah battery guarantees superior performance and value, providing confidence and peace of mind for all your power needs.

Experience the exceptional reliability and performance of the Afghan Power 160Ah battery, and empower your energy requirements with a product that delivers excellence in every aspect.

Additional information

Weight 2629 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 21 × 50.5 cm

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